Welcome to another exciting year with the Isaac Tripp Elementary PTA!  Thank you for taking on a committee chair position.Your time and talents are essential and appreciated. Isaac Tripp is fortunate to have caring, dedicated parents like you.

All Committee Chairs must be current PTA members, so if you haven’t yet joined the Isaac Tripp PTA,
please fill out the Membership Form and send it in with your child with payment.

You will receive an email outlining your committee budget, if any, procedures and your
volunteer list. In an effort to reduce paper, we’ve put most of the documents that you will need on the website for you to download and print as needed. If you need assistance with any of these forms, please contact your Fundraising Chairperson. A Plan of Work report is requested prior to the start of your event planning.  This form can be found on
the PTA website under Forms. Within a month after your event, please fill out a Committee Review Form which will assist you or your successor for next year's planning.  The form is available on the website. After your event, please turn in your Committee Folder to the fundraising chairperson with all of the documents that you used for your event along with the Fundraiser Evaluation Form. We hope you will agree that these small tasks will make a big difference in allowing our Committee Chair people to work as effectively as possible.

To help you get started with your committee, please review the following information:

Cash Box
If you will be accepting cash at your event and would
like a cash box to make change, please contact our treasurer, Mike Osborne a week prior to the event. Please specify how much change you would like.

Email Blast Information
information you need to be sent through our weekly Sunday email blast must be written “text ready” and emailed directly to IsaacTrippPTA@outlook.com by Saturday pm. Any emails past this deadline will appear the following week.Facebook Our Facebook page is Isaac Tripp Elementary PTA.  Please like our page!  Email IsaacTrippPTA@outlook.com any text or photos to promote your activity both prior and post event. Please remember there are to be no photos with student’s faces.Teachers, staff presenters, students’ backs and signage are ok.

All committees should have some sort of folder regarding their committee which should have previous activity information to include flyers,
vendor information, expenses, receipts and committee review form.  When your event is over, complete the Committee Review Form for this year and return the folder to the Fundraising Chairperson within a month after your event.

Expense Report, Receipts Journal, and Committee Review forms can be printed from the PTA website
under Forms at www.itepta.my-pta.org.

ITE PTA letterhead is available upon request. Any and all correspondence should be on the ITE PTA letterhead.

mailboxes are located in the office.  You can obtain a class count from the office. Please add an additional “teacher copy” in each mailbox and hand the secretary staff 3 copies for office use.

All PTA Chairs must be PTA members. Please remember to register if you have not already done so.

Over Budget?
If you anticipate being over
budget or under budget for your event, please notify the Fundraising chairperson as soon as possible.The PTA must approve expenses that exceed your budget before you spend the funds.

You are responsible for taking photos of your event and emailing those photos to be placed on Facebook.Facebook images cannot have kid’s faces.  Forward
Facebook images to IsaacTrippPTA@outlook.com.

Printing Take-Home Flyers
All flyers must first be ok’d by PTA President Kelly Dolphin who will then confirm with the principal
prior to printing once approved.  Submit your print job to IsaacTrippPTA@outlook.com.  The copier code for the PTA is 5995. Copy paper is stored in the school office near the PTA box.  Additional paper is stored in the PTA shed.

PTA Meetings
If your event is up-coming or just
completed you will be placed on the meeting agenda for reporting your information.Your ideas and suggestions are important! Please notify the PTA President Kelly Dolphin if at any time you want to be included on the agenda for an upcoming PTA Meeting.
Committee Meetings
All meetings should have an agenda and minutes recorded.  Forms are available under the Forms tab.

Save all receipts and complete the Isac Tripp PTA Expense Report with a detailed
accurate description of the expense  Send your expense report to PTA Treasurer, Mike Osborne.  Our Treasurer will reimburse you by check.  Please keep this in mind when you require a check for a specific date or event.  If your committee has several participants, please have the committee chairperson approve all Expense Reports before submittal.
Receipts Journal. If you receive cash and/or checks at your event, please complete a Receipts Journal form. Cash needs to be verified by two people. DO NOT HOLD ON TO THE PTA CASH. Submit your deposit within 2 days of receipt of money.

Tax Exempt Letter
When shopping for supplies for your event, please take along a copy of the Not-For-Profit Tax Exempt Letter. This allows you to purchase items without paying
sales tax. The Tax Exempt letter will be provided to you upon request. Email IsaacTrippPTA@outlook.com.

We are thankful for all our volunteers including chairs. 
Most events need additional volunteers.  If you need additional volunteers, please contact our Fundraising Chairperson.  Please keep a record of all volunteers so
that they can be acknowledged after the event.  All volunteers need to be PTA members as well.

Thank you again for volunteering! We look forward to seeing you at many of our events throughout the school year.